Lifestyle Business for sale providing a needed service

Price: $79,000 Includes Plant and Equipment

Business Description

Want a genuine business where you can work from a home base, no expensive leases, work hours to suit your lifestyle and provide a needed regular service to your customers. Lifestyle Business for sale

You will have a very large exclusive territory covering both town water supply areas with a huge range of water filter systems and large rural areas for rain water tank servicing and maintenance which is a regular requirement for property’s with just rainwater otherwise the occupants can get very sick from a range of toxic bacteria that can grown in water tanks.

Franchisor receives calls from customers wanting their service, these are forwarded to you.

Pristine Water Systems (PWS) have been trading since 2003 with 1000’s of satisfied customers and a network of successful franchisees.  They are market leaders with their unique “QuadClean” process which is unparalleled in treating commercial and domestic water tanks.

Unlike other tank cleaning companies that have to pump out all the water before cleaning a tank and waste valuable water or temporarily store it in a tanker which can be contaminated from the previous water stored,  PWS’s trademarked water tank purification and sanitising process cleans the inside of water tanks without having to pump out and discard property owners valuable water.

The “QuadClean” process removes sediment in the tank including sludge, organic matter, leaf mould, mud and other contaminants whilst keeping the water in the tank using specially designed equipment operated from above the tank.

Another big point of difference with the “QuadClean “ process is it also kills harmful bacteria and viruses lurking in the water which has the potential to make someone very ill whereas most other tank cleaners just remove sediment and don’t treat the water leaving bacteria and viruses in the water.

Every property, business or school using rainwater is a potential customer and needs this service,  its not a luxury,  its a necessity for their health due to potentially harmful contaminates that grow in water tanks effecting the smell and taste of the water through the presence of Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungi and Algae, Crypto Sporidium and Giardia, some of these can cause serious illnesses.

You also have access to a large range of quality water filter systems for town water supply properties who want to improve quality and taste of their water ranging from small under bench kitchen filters to large full in home systems.  They also supply treatment systems for bore water and/or commercial application and UV systems.   They provide filter systems for any situation.

Statistics show 54% of Australian Households supplement their water supply by collecting rainwater and in rural areas rainwater is their only source and therefore you are providing a much needed service to your customers, not just once but on an annual basis and at the same time providing health benefits and money saving efficiencies for your customers valuable water resources.

No previous experience required, franchisor provides comprehensive training, ongoing support and minimum income guarantee.

Calls come from a National 1300 call centre along with ongoing repeat work from your own customer base.

Price includes a large exclusive territory, training, the “QuadClean” system and equipment.

You will require a utility vehicle which can be leased.

No sales reporting to the franchisor as no franchise fee is payable on sales income.

If you like working in the outdoors this provides a unique opportunity to buy a great lifestyle business with huge potential.

Benefits of this unique lifestyle business

  • Work from home base, no rental overhead
  • 5 Day business
  • Some territories have existing customers
  • Structure hours to suit your lifestyle
  • Enjoy working on rural properties
  • Exclusive large territory, can live anywhere in the territory.
  • Repeat ongoing business from your customers
  • Providing a needed service
  • Minimum income guarantee
  • No previous experience required, full training provided
  • No franchise fee on income
  • Cash income
  • Calls come from a National 1300 call centre 
  • Price includes specialised plant and equipment

Price includes specialised plant and equipment

Finance Available

Please call or email for an information pack and available territories.