Hydroponics and Garden Supplies

Price: $750,000 + SAV
Location: QLD

Business Description

Importer and Nationwide supplier to Retail Market and Commercial Growers.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in water or another medium.   

Typically popular crops are Tomatoes, Lettuce, Flowers, Strawberries.

Hydroponic Crop growing has grown significantly  over the past 10 years allowing farmers more control over weather conditions.

In addition to the specialist Hydroponics range the business also supplies a range of gardening products and supplies and accessories to the industry and home growers.

The business manufactures some products in Australia along with importing from international suppliers and manufacturers.

Primarily the business is an import/manufacture/distribution business however a knowledge and/or experience in the agriculture industry would also be an advantage.

Utmost confidentially will be required from interested parties with Information only disclosed to bona-fide parties after independent verification of the financial ability to fund an acquisition of this level.   No information will be supplied by email.

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