Selling a Business with Gold Coast's Leading Business Brokers

When you decide to sell your business  you want a business broker who will understand your business, your objectives and maximize its value.

We understand not all businesses are the same and the process used to sell a small business is different to the complexities required for a larger higher priced business therefore we have a range of different options specifically structured for your business.

We know the right way to sell a business. Talk to us and we’ll make sure you get the maximum return for all the effort you’ve put into your business.

We use proven processes and take the time to prepare and present your business professionally. It’s important to us to get results for our clients limiting the number of businesses we are selling at any one time so we can devote more time and energy to our valued clients, which speaks for itself.

There are many facets required to successfully sell a business, Noble Business Sales will guide you through the sales process, making sure all the right boxes are ticked. Using a professional business broker can make the difference between an outstanding sale, and no sale at all.

As the experts, we take the hassle and stress out of selling your business. It’s our job to understand the market, your industry, and how to get the very best outcome when you sell. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service, professionalism and confidentiality for all our clients throughout the sales process. We will make a point of meeting with you in person and getting to know you, your business, your goals and your aspirations.

To find the right buyer for your business we use a variety of marketing activities depending on the type of business and your objectives. We know that you may want to maintain strict anonymity so we’ve developed highly effective tools that achieve top results while keeping a discreet profile. These may include internet and web based marketing, social media, industry magazines and print which can all be used effectively whilst maintaining confidentiality.

Our large buyer database is regularly updated to ensure you have access to the largest number of prospective, qualified buyers.


You want a professional business broker who has the experience and expertise to get results, who will do the right preparation and work with you to ensure you have all the information and support you need through all the stages of the sale process with the ultimate goal of achieving a successful sale.

We provide:

Selling a Business with Gold Coast Business Brokers
  • No obligation Business Appraisals
  • Large database of qualified buyers
  • Specialists in confidential business marketing
  • Professionally prepared Information Memorandums
  • Innovative marketing to find the right buyer
  • Buyer confidentiality and qualification processes
  • Experienced buyer/seller negotiators
  • Business financing network to assist buyers
  • Experienced hands on Due Diligence management, we don’t stop once the contract is signed.
  • We do the work so you can concentrate on running your business
  • Committed to getting results


How long will it take to sell my business?

This depends on your business and the industry you operate in, some industries are more sought after than others and therefore we may have qualified buyers waiting for your business. You also need to be prepared having available all the appropriate information we need, this will help shorten the process. On average most sales don’t happen overnight, it may take time to find the right buyer, negotiate the best deal and complete due diligence. We understand the market and will be able to give you an indication of a realistic timeframe to achieve your goal once we meet with you.

Why should I use Noble Business Sales?

Selling a business can be very time consuming, most business owners are already very busy running their business and just simply don’t have the time to do the job properly. Without presenting the business professionally and having access to qualified buyers this can ultimately reflect in the price they achieve and the time it takes to sell. We sell businesses everyday so we understand whats important to buyers and how to present the business to maximize it’s sale price. It also means you’ll have someone actively marketing your business for you, allowing you to continue running your business to maintain its goodwill, its credibility and its value.

What’s my business worth?

There are a variety of different methods used, however valuing a business is not an exact science and it requires a sound, objective assessment. No two businesses are alike with many factors influencing the price. Some industries are more sought after than others; the state of the market can influence price; we are selling businesses ever day and know the current market conditions and realizable values. It is important to recognize the price range your business is likely to sell in, buyers in the market will also be looking at other businesses in your industry sector and making comparisons. If you set an unrealistic price you will waste a lot of time with potential buyers and possibly harm the prospects of a sale. What you want for your business, or what it owes you is not its value. Businesses sell in an open market. That is, with a willing buyer and a willing seller, the market determines the price – the true value. How your business is prepared for sale can also influence the price and therefore if your thinking of selling in the future we can review your business and give you suggestions on how to prepare it for sale to help maximize it’s value.

What’s the best time to sell a business?

Certain industries or franchise brands are in more demand than others, the best time to sell is when there is good demand for your particular service / industry, and when there are plenty of buyers out there. Most buyers want to invest in a business with growth potential for development and improvement. There are other buyers with different reasons and motivation for buying a business, it may be for immigration purposes, made redundant, tired of working for someone and not building up a financial asset, relocating to a new area or don’t want to work full-time and want a business they can just manage. We also have buyers who are looking for under performing businesses due to high debt levels, poor cash-flow or owners personal situation and the right buyer can see an opportunity to buy at a lower price and build the business up.

How can I keep the sale confidential?

We understand the utmost importance of client confidentiality at all times. Specific information regarding your business, including the address, details of financial performance etc. will only be revealed to qualified prospective purchasers after they have signed a confidentiality agreement and we have verified they are genuine buyers with the resources to finance the purchase.

Do I need the assistance of a lawyer?

You will need the services of a lawyer who is experienced in business sales contracts who will help protect your interests and mitigate any risks associated with the transaction. As part of our service we prepare a draft sale contract and forward it to your lawyer for approval. If selling a franchise business there will be franchise agreements to be assigned and exit documentation required by the franchisor, you will need legal advise from a lawyer with franchise industry experience.

What are conditions of sale and due diligence?

Most offers to purchase your business will contain various conditions that need to be satisfied by the buyer within a set time frame, after which the sale is unconditional. These may include: verification of financial and operational information (due diligence); equipment inspection; approval by landlord to assign the lease to the buyer; compliance with licensing and regulatory bodies; approval of finance; franchisor approval for franchise businesses and solicitor’s review of leases and contracts.

How much will it cost me to sell my business?

We work exclusively on a success fee basis and will charge a commission only on the successful sale of your business. We understand not all businesses are the same and will discuss what fees are applicable for your business directly with you.

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